The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

downloadIt took me about ten days to finish “The Silent Wife”, even though the actual reading time was five or six hours. This was mostly because I felt like abandoning the book mid-reading multiple times. I should have known this book would be kind of a waste of time ever since I read it has been hailed as the new “Gone Girl”. In no way is this book a ” chilling psychological thriller”, as it is described on the back cover. It is more of a dull story about the eternal cheating husband and the revenge of his ex wife. I couldn’t care less for any of the characters to be honest. They had no substance at all and the book was neither thrilling, nor captivating.

Reading “The Silent Wife” was part of my last year’s resolution of reading more mainstream literature. The downside of this decision is that such books are often hit or miss. I regret the choice of reading this one. It felt like a “Gone Girl” copycat. Even the structure was the same, with “him” and “her” chapters intertwining throughout the story. Jodi is perhaps the dullest vindictive wife I have ever come across and I have absolutely no opinion about Todd, who does not even seem able to cheat properly, as he keeps whining about the lost wife every time he gets a chance. The other woman is also a cliche of dullness. Overall, I found this book less than original, full of cliches and unnecessary details that we’re irrelevant to the story. Why would someone start to describe the childhood of the heroine’s brother in the middle of the thriller when said brother is not even involved in the story? Anyway, I understand that the author passed away before the publication of the book and maybe this is one of the reasons it became a best seller. Still, “The Silent Wife” lacks substance and the story is so predictable that you wonder why you still go on with it.